Lehui Kriss Vector v2 Gel Blaster

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The Lehui KRISS VECTOR V2 is based on the machine gun of the same name: Kriss Vector also called TDI KRISS Super V.
It is a recent machine gun because it was created in 2006 by KRISS USA Inc. from the United States. This particularity is located in its structure and functioning designed to absorb the energy produced during firing.
It is very popular and is present in many video games.  
Lehui is a very famous brand of gel blaster whose quality is recognized. They offer us a magnificent reissue of the mythical optimized KRISS VECTOR.
It is made of nylon which is very robust and of high quality. He seems really solid.
Lehui did a very big job on the details and finishing. He's really above all the other products in terms of that.
It is equipped with three shooting modes, Auto, Semi-Auto, and 3 shots. Its grip is adjustable and well made. You can have my EAG stocks on it.
Lehui worked a lot on the magazine in order to allow the gun to be miss-fired.
There are many opportunities for you to improve it further.


  • Full Nylon Construction
  • Well designed/ Attention to Detail/ Quality Build
  • Next-Gen High-Performance V2 Gearbox
  • Silent Operation
  • Mag Fed
  • Mag Primer
  • 3 Firing Modes: Single, 3-Shot Burst, and Full Auto
  • Up to 15 High-Speed Rounds per Second
  • Approx. 25m Shooting Distance
  • Up to 240 Feet per Second
  • Foldable Stock
  • Vertical Foregrip
  • Tactical LED Flashlight
  • Tactical Red Dot Laser Sight
  • Holographic Scope
  • Iron sights
  • Optional Sling Attachment included
  • Storage compartment in sling attachment
  • Uses 7-8mm Gel Ball

Technical Specifications:

Brand: Lehui

Model:  KRISS Vector V2

Color: Black

Material: Nylon, plastic ABS and electronic components

Use age: 14 years old and above

Size balls: 7-8mm

Size: 71 x 30 cm