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This CQB ACR boasts an extremely snappy trigger response and outstanding accuracy for a short barrelled platform. 


Parts List

ACR J10 base $165.90

MK H92 CNC gear box $250

Leviathan V2 mosfet with blue tooth $205

SHS metal gears $35

Retro arms 8mm low profile bushings $28

Retro arms trigger spring $5

Retro arms hardened return spring $5

Retro arms CNC trigger $20

Rizer outer barrel hop up $25

fighting bro anti reverse latch $10

Big Dragon long motor $120

SHS spring $20

CNC cylinder head and nozzle $33

MST cylinder $25

orange unbreakable tappet plate $17

Bruisemaster gold barrel $70

Bushnell CQB CNC ACR handguard $170

SLR muzzle $30

HSG 480 motor plate $20

HSG T Piece $20

Vortex Razor UH-1 holographic sight $130

Fortis front grip $35



FPS 300

RPS 30

Range 30m