P18 Shark - RPM Techshop & Poseidon - GBB Gel Blaster Pistol

Tax included.
Please control grow your gels to ensure Stormbreaka's performance.
Gel size 7.2mm or Smaller.
Please note this product is a Toy. 

P18 Shark - Gel Blaster GBB Pistol

The Most Accurate Gel Blaster that is Consistent, Durable and Efficient. Professionally Assembled.


  • Semi / Fully Automatic Fire Modes.
  • 3 colors of choice.
  • Increased magazine catch and extended base plate.
  • Each pistol is Professionally Modified by your Technician to have the Highest Efficiency, Durability and Accuracy.
  • Cerakote CNC Aluminum Slide just like a real firearm.

  • Modern Evo Design, Perfect for a Collection or Combat.

  • POSEIDON Anti-Ice system: Red Ice Pick, Red Ice Breaker, and Turbo Valve Installed.


  1 x P18 Shark Gel Blaster Pistol
  1 x P18 Shark Gel Blaster Magazine


  1. JDG Polymer80 Licensed P80 PF940V2 Frame
  2. Cerakote Shark CNC 7075 Aluminum Slide
  3. Hop-up Inner Barrel, Adjustable Hop-up System
  4. Poseidon ICE Breaker Piston Head(Red)
  5. Poseidon ICE PICK GBB Flute Valve System(Red)
  6. Poseidon ICE PICK Pistol Loading Muzzle Spring
  7. Poseidon Turbo Valve
  8. NSK Bearing
  9. Extended Mag basePlate
  10. Extended Mag Catch
  11. Semi / Fully Automatic Option
  12. StandardMag Capacity: 16 rds 
  13. 240-250FPS (Propane)


  1. Gelball size: 7.2-7.3mm
  2. 12 rounds per mag using AKA gels
  3. 16-20 rounds per mag using Ultra Elite